KALLATTE JARANDAYA, the lieutenant of Padubidri

SRI KHADGESWARI AMMA- who fulfills all the wishes of his devotees

            Jarandaya is a celebrated deity, worshipped throughout Tulunadu, extending from Mangalore to Barakur.

            He is in charge of defending the borders of the kingdom and has taken up the responsibility of looking after all the devotees in his charge.  He has the status of a Rajandaiva or royal deity.  This special status is restricted to just a few deities like Jumadi, Panjurli, Pilicandi, Bobbarya, Kodamantaya etc.  As per the long spiritual tradition of Tulunadu Jarandaya has the onerous responsibility of taking care of the families of his devotees in the capacity of a domestic deity and the royal deity of the whole Village.


Varanga is a small village located in Karkala which belongs to Udupi district. This place is pilgrim attraction for Jain and for their heritageous Basadis built. It possess not one but several beautiful Basadi’s long built back 850 years ago. Team Yakshas made it to one of the most mesmerizigly beautiful Basadi ‘Kere Basadi’ as the name says it’s surrounded by kere or the Lake, that attracts not only tourists but also devotees of lord Parshwanatha. This place is also known as Jalamandir/ Lake Temple.

Beauty of this site is unbounded, lake surrounding the Temple in all four corners with floating lotus and aquatic species add on to nature’s simplicity. Nature at its best at this place undoubtedly makes one forget everything else except for the elation beauty of the Lake Temple.


Chelairu Khandige Dharmarasu Shri Ullaya Daivasthana is a prominent place which holds a long term history of more than 1200 years. Daiva worshipped here is an Ullaya Daiva.

Renowned by the popular saying “Yermal Jappu, Kandevu Adepu”, (meaning Yermal Festival is the first and Kandevu Festival is the last), Kandevu Daivasthana is the only place having the Muga (Face representing Daiva) for Ullaya Daiva.

Before entering Khandige, Ullaya Daiva comes to Sasihithlu and meet the Rajan Daiva Saranthaya. It is believed that people of MithraPatna who belong to Mogaveera Community were on their daily routine of fishing they came across Ullaya daiva along with Aiyer Sathyolu (Five Spirits) who appeared to be dressed like a Brahmin. Continue reading


Team YAKSHAS are putting forth the ancient cultures of Tulunad in modern way and trying to reach as many we can

Though we worship Daiva’s an ancient ritual prevalent since generations till date, we hardly know their complete grounds.
Here’s an attempt to briefly narrate the complete story of one such powerful Daiva ‘PADRE JUMADI

Legend of Padre Jumadi Banta:

Badanga Baidya, a humble and sincere person from Padre had gone to Baila Boodu – near Bajpe, to leave his sister to her husband’s house.
As it was getting dark, he decided to stay there overnight. That night he witnessed the Nemotsava of Daiva Jumadi Banta in Baila Boodu – the first place of Daiva Jumadi. Continue reading