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Where ever we wander how much ever far our expedition's are the ultimate clinch could be none other than your own land. We're here to explore and pay a tribute to our beautiful land 'Tulunad'! Land of traditions, culture, Temple's, sea's, multiculturalism and many more. Proud to be the part of this admirable land!

Years have passed over generations the customs and traditions are still followed around the corners here are few Yakshagana(dance and drama performance) Bhuta Kola(Spirit worship), Tambila (Spirit worship) Korikatta ( sport activity cock fight), Kambala (another famous sport buffalo race), Naga Devata or Snake worship has strong belief in tuluvas that Naga Devata to go underground and guard the species on the top, Pilivesha (Dance formed during Dussehra), etc Exploring bit out of much in order to keep it alive and pass it on to our coming generations.