KALLATTE JARANDAYA, the lieutenant of Padubidri

SRI KHADGESWARI AMMA- who fulfills all the wishes of his devotees

            Jarandaya is a celebrated deity, worshipped throughout Tulunadu, extending from Mangalore to Barakur.

            He is in charge of defending the borders of the kingdom and has taken up the responsibility of looking after all the devotees in his charge.  He has the status of a Rajandaiva or royal deity.  This special status is restricted to just a few deities like Jumadi, Panjurli, Pilicandi, Bobbarya, Kodamantaya etc.  As per the long spiritual tradition of Tulunadu Jarandaya has the onerous responsibility of taking care of the families of his devotees in the capacity of a domestic deity and the royal deity of the whole Village.