Chelairu Khandige Dharmarasu Shri Ullaya Daivasthana is a prominent place which holds a long term history of more than 1200 years. Daiva worshipped here is an Ullaya Daiva.

Renowned by the popular saying “Yermal Jappu, Kandevu Adepu”, (meaning Yermal Festival is the first and Kandevu Festival is the last), Kandevu Daivasthana is the only place having the Muga (Face representing Daiva) for Ullaya Daiva.

Before entering Khandige, Ullaya Daiva comes to Sasihithlu and meet the Rajan Daiva Saranthaya. It is believed that people of MithraPatna who belong to Mogaveera Community were on their daily routine of fishing they came across Ullaya daiva along with Aiyer Sathyolu (Five Spirits) who appeared to be dressed like a Brahmin. Continue reading